Our Mission

We work towards a sustainable future by matching sustainability-related jobs between forward-looking employers and individuals.

With the increase in demand on sustainability and jobs, there is a need to shine light to full-time, part-time and internship/traineeship opportunities for students, young working adults and mid careers job seekers.

By consolidating these needs of companies to aspiring job seekers, we want to grow a pool of green collar professionals and executives in Singapore. In doing so, we help to redefine what sustainability is and amplify the impact to the environment.

About Us

We are a bunch of individuals who are passionate about making a meaningful impact to the environment. In the course of our work, we realised that we have been receiving enquiries about jobs or internship opportunities relating to the environmental sustainability in Singapore.

Despite the efforts of Singapore companies to provide these jobs, we are unable to fully absorb or address such needs. In addition to sharing more about green practices and habits, we realise that the next best thing we can do is to enable more people to look at the availability of such jobs in Singapore and gradually around Asia-Pacific.

By combining the needs of companies to those of job seekers, we hope to grow a pool of green collar professionals and workers so that we can refine what sustainability means in Singapore as well as amplify the impact to the environment.