Green Nudge



Our vision is to create environmentally sustainable behaviour and practices that lead to a low carbon, zero-waste Singapore by 2030.

Our Mission
  • To increase and turn environmental awareness into actions
  • To help corporate and community organisations to adopt and maintain sustainable practices and behaviour
  • To build capacity, resilience and support collaboration among like-minded stakeholders
Our Roots - Sowing the Green Seed
Green Nudge first started out as a project idea when founder Li Seng wanted to make mass events more sustainable. Realising that a business model that balances profit and impact would be in a better position to shape long term sustainable behaviour, Li Seng formally set up Green Nudge as a company in mid-2018.

From Seed to Shoot
Since then, Green Nudge has expanded its offerings to include cleanups, workshops, learning journeys, training and consultancy services; and grown from a one man outfit to a team of 3 full-time staff, supported by an amazing team of volunteers and interns.

By building up a network of partners, Green Nudge is now one of the leading green social enterprises in Singapore.

Secret to Our Success 

Nudging, Not Preaching
For the longest time, messages relating to sustainability or the environment have largely been top-down or instructional. It is often assumed that if people are told what to do, they will naturally change their behaviour. That may not necessarily be the case. However, nudging appeals to people's emotions and conscience to do the right thing, and is a subtle way in which we choose to persuade people to change their behaviour.

Focus on Community Building
Convincing others to change their behaviour can be scary and intimidating, especially if you are embarking on this journey alone. We believe that lasting impact can only be achieved through collective and organic effort. Since we started, we have built up an extensive network of like-minded individuals and organisations who share the same interests and goals, all ready to support you along the way.